Arboricultural Maintenance Services Contract (Tree Works)


This is a public tender that will be awarded based on 60% price and 40% quality using a Restricted Procedure.

Following the evaluation of Stage 1, the highest-scoring 6 contractors will be invited to tender at Stage 2.

The work will comprise the following items but not limited to:

  • Provide various tree maintenance services
  • Reactive and planned tree pruning works
  • Planting of new and replacement trees
  • Tree felling and stump removal
  • Provide 24-hour emergency call-out service

Please Note: All responses to queries will be made available on this web page at ‘Additional Information’ and will be regularly updated, therefore it is extremely important to check the site regularly during Stage 1 to ensure you have access to any helpful information.

All tender documents are provided in PDF or Excel format. If you encounter any problems completing the documents, please contact your technical team or you can email with any queries you may have.


Selection Questionnaire and Minimum Suitability
Confidential Reference
Appendix D – Data Protection Risk Assessment


ITT Letter (Specimen)
Receipt of Tender Documents
Specification of Services
Conditions of Contract

Electronic Tender Submission containing:

  • Pricing Preambles
  • Schedule of Rates
  • Quality Questions
  • Scoring Guide
  • Non-Collusive Tendering Certificate
  • Form of Tender

Appendix E – Form of Agreement
Appendix F – Data Processing Agreement
Appendix G – Health, Safety & Welfare Policy
Appendix H – Maps and Report
Tree Management Policy
Quality Question Summary
Compensation Policy
Customer Care Policy
Safety Requirements
Receipt of Safety Requirements

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