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About Havebury Housing Partnership

Havebury Housing Partnership manages over 6,400 homes. Homes for Affordable Rent and Shared Ownership. Located in towns and villages across the East of England.

We work with local authorities, agencies and other housing associations. This is so we can meet local social housing needs and to provide community services.

Using our resources to improve lives

Using our resources to improve lives

We are investing £60 million in new homes in the years 2018-2022. Managing our increased number of homes without a proportionate increase in overheads.

Business mind, social heart

Business mind, social heart

Careful management of our resources. So we can deliver better outcomes for the communities we serve.

Using our resources to improve lives

Using our resources to improve lives

Commit to being more than just a landlord and developer.

Our Neighbourhoods

Our Neighbourhoods

Maintaining an agreed standard for our residents. As developed through out Neighbourhood Vision statements.

Our vision

Creating homes and communities.

Our values

  • Respecting
  • Engaging
  • Fair

Our objectives

  1. Strengthen the business and our social impact by building more affordable homes
  2. Provide good quality, accessible services that meet customer needs
  3. Invest in homes and neighbourhoods to create places where people want to live
  4. Drive value through an efficient, sustainable and well-run business
  5. Invest in and value our people to continue to build a great organisation

Read our Strategic Objectives for 2018-2022

The Havebury Housing Partnership is a charitable organisation registered society. Under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (7648). Regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing (LH4339). Registered office: Havebury House, Western Way, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 3SP.

Havebury in the community

Havebury is a member of the National Housing Federation and has charitable status. Any surplus income gained through providing our services is re-invested into the organisation.

Our homes and services will always come first. This means where possible we will get involved with activities in the community. This is turn helps our communities thrive.

We understand booking a test may be difficult at the moment, but if you have Covid-19 symptoms, you must try & book a test - be patient, opportunities are added during the day.

Only people with appointments will be seen at testing centres across Suffolk.