Electrical safety

Electrical safety

We take electrical safety seriously and carry out inspections in all our homes.

Why it matters

Faulty electrical systems can be dangerous and can be the cause of fires in your home.

What we do

We will complete an electrical inspection in your home every five years, by a qualified electrician.

During this inspection, we will check your consumer unit, the condition to the electrical fittings, carry out several tests on the wiring and check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

It is not a disruptive check, and we will not be lifting carpets or floorboards.

We won’t check the electrical appliances you have in your home.

We’ll give you notice of the inspection, with details of how to change this, if this isn’t convenient.

What you need to do

To allow us access into your home to complete the check.

We’ll give you advance warning of this, and if the appointment that our contractor provides isn’t suitable, there will be contact details to change this.

If we can’t get access, we may go to court to get an order, which allows us access to your home.

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