Performance and scrutiny panel

Performance and scrutiny panel

Panel members independently review Havebury’s performance. Where any areas cause concern, they can commission a service review.

When a service review is required, data is collected through a variety of ways. These include surveys, interviews with employees, and focus groups with tenants. The panel then reviews the information gathered and makes recommendations for improvement where appropriate. Accepted recommendations then form an action plan for the future.

We are currently looking for new members of our panel to find out more and apply click the button below.

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We regularly keep you up-to-date on our performance through Havebury News. You can also read the latest reports and minutes from our meetings below:

Scrutiny of Communication August 2021
Voids Management Report January 2021
Scrutiny of Anti-social Behaviour Management December 2019
Scrutiny of Fire Safety Policy June 2019
Governance Structure Report May 2018
Contract Management Report August 2017
Procurement Report December 2016

For more information about our scrutiny process, click here. If you’d like to join the panel, email

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