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Performance and scrutiny panel

Performance and scrutiny panel

The purpose of this Panel is to provide a body to independently review Havebury’s performance and, where any areas cause concern, the Panel can commission a service review.

The Performance & Scrutiny Panel has places for six tenants and four Independents, to talk about being on the panel please email feedback@havebury.com

A service review consists of data collection through a variety of methods. These include surveys, interviews with employees or focus groups with tenants.  Click here to view the scrutiny process.

The Panel would then review the information gathered during the service review and, where appropriate, would make recommendations for improvement. Recommendations that are accepted then form an action plan which Havebury would commit to complete.

Havebury will regularly keep you up to date on how we are performing through Havebury News but you can also read our latest reports and minutes from our meetings below.

Scrutiny Reports

Below are copies of our most recent scrutiny investigations:

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