Estate rangers

Estate rangers

Our team of estate rangers are our eyes and ears in the communities where you live.

They work pro-actively to identify issues in your communities, like fly-tipping, grounds maintenance, and areas in need of repairs. They also carry out inspections and health and safety checks, such as fire alarm testing.

To contact the ranger team, please email or report an issue using the myHavebury app.

Kevin Jay, one of our estate rangers, gives us an overview of what he does in his role.

“Much of our work revolves around health and safety risk assessments in our communal blocks to ensure our residents stay safe. This normally involves testing both the fire alarms and sprinkler systems. I also perform smoke vent system checks, emergency lighting checks, fire escape route access checks, utility cupboard checks, and bin area checks.

Where we can, we’ll resolve any issues there and then report any issues that need repairing or clearing. If we need to do this and we always arrange follow-up visits to ensure issues have been resolved.”

Find out about a day in the life of our estate rangers.

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