Pets in your home

Pets in your home

In March 2022, we consulted with you to help us develop our pet policy.

Based on what you said, our new policy does not require everyone to request permission to keep a pet, providing they meet specific requirements.

This means we will not unreasonably refuse permission to keep a pet in your home, but we must consider if it is fair for you, your neighbours and the animal you would like to keep.

FAQs about our pet policy

It is important to note that some of our homes have ‘No Pets’ covenants as part of the planning permission, which means that pets are not allowed.

Please use the handy flow chart below if you are still unsure if you need to ask permission.

Pet permission flow chartv3

I need permission for my pet.

If you need to ask our permission after using the flow chart, you can fill in the form below. Alternatively, you can download it here, print it off and send it back to us at:

The Neighbourhoods and Estates team
Havebury Housing Partnership
Havebury House
Western Way
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 3SP

If you have any questions, please call the Neighbourhoods and Estates team on 0300 3300 900, entering extension number 7333 when prompted, or email us at

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