Reporting issues to us

Reporting issues to us

You can use this page to report issues to us such as; fly-tipping, ASB and even subletting.

Got an issue you want to report to us? Just use one of the drop-downs below to find out how you can inform us of your concern.

  • Fly-Tipping

    Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of household or trade waste. It can vary in size, from as little as a single bag of rubbish, to domestic items such as furniture and fridges and has a real impact on your community.

    What to do if you discover a fly-tip

    If the offence is being committed at the time of the call, please contact your local police team by dialling 101.

    We advise you not to touch fly-tipped waste, as it may be dangerous.

    The council treats this as a serious offence and will prosecute anyone caught fly-tipping waste.

    You can also use myHavebury to report fly-tipping in the area.

    Once you are signed into the app you will see the new “tell us something” icon.

    • When reporting a fly-tip, you will see a map, which you can use to select the location of the fly-tip.
    • Next, please tell us the nature of the fly-tip (and if you know who caused this issue).
    • You also have the option of adding a photo to your report

    View fly-tipping in your area

    You can view reported fly-tips by clicking the button below.

    Fly-Tipping Map
  • Anti-social behaviour

    There are a number of ways you can report anti-social behaviour.

    You can call our Neighbourhood and Estates team on 0300 900 3300

    You can email the team on

    You can report fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles on myHavebury

    Or you can complete the online form below

    • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    • We may need to speak to your neighbour about your complaint, have you thought about how this might affect your relationship with your neighbour, and are you happy for us to do this if we need to?
    • It may be necessary to open an ASB case to keep track of actions and incidents, in order to do this we would require regular updates from you usually in the form of log sheets. Would you like these log sheets sent to your email address provided?
    • If you are submitting log sheets to this form please do so here.
      Max. file size: 32 MB.

    Please note that we collect and process your personal data when you fill in this form. For more information about your rights, click here.

  • Subletting
    The demand for social housing is increasing. As a result, it’s vitally important that we know about any subletting taking place in our homes. Subletting is illegal. It represents a breach of tenancy conditions, and takes properties away from those who really need them. It can also lead to fraud, where someone claims benefits to which they’re not entitled.To report illegal subletting, please fill in the form below. You can do this anonymously if you wish.
    • The next fields are not compulsory. If you wish to be informed about the progress of your report, please enter your details. Your details will not be used when investigating a report
    • We are collecting and processing your personal data for the purpose of report illegal Subletting. For more information about your rights, go to

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