Lift and lifting equipment

Lift and lifting equipment

You may live in a building with a lift or have lifting equipment in your home.

Why it matters

It’s important we maintain these to ensure they stay safe and minimise the chances of these breaking down.

What we do

We service and inspect lifts within communal areas monthly or quarterly, depending on the type, and we carry out thorough inspections on all lifts every six months.

The lifts will be out of action for a short time while these are undertaken, and notices will be placed on each floor letting you know this is happening.

We will try to complete these at times that will cause the least disruption.

Lifts installed within your home will be serviced either every six months or annually, depending on the type and age – generally, lifts under five years old will only require an annual inspection.

We will also undertake a thorough inspection every six months on any lifting equipment.

Service inspections will be undertaken by our contractor, who will contact you to make an appointment that is convenient for you.

Thorough inspections are undertaken by a third-party company every six months. They will contact you directly with an appointment date.

What you need to do

To allow us access into your home to complete the check.

We’ll give you advance warning of this, and if the appointment isn’t suitable, there will be contact details to change this.

If we can’t get access, we may go to court to get an order, which allows us access to your home.

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