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Welcome to The Place. You can use this page to enter competitions, complete polls and survey's and tell us what really matters to you!

We think it’s really important that you shape the services you receive from us. By using this page we are hoping you will share with us feedback on how you are feeling, how you think we are doing and so much more! We want you to use this page as the hub for your feedback. If you want to see anything featured or feel like anything is missing from this page please do email

Furlough Survey - Sept 2021

In August and December 2020, we conducted a furlough survey to see how you were getting on in terms of well-being and finances. We are going to repeat this survey one last time to make sure you have the support you need as the furlough scheme comes to an end. This survey is also being conducted as an automated telephone survey.

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Asset Management Strategy - Sept 2021

We are reviewing our Asset Management Strategy. We have put together a questionnaire that will help us to understand your priorities so we can invest in the things you want to see most. You really are helping to shape the future of our homes and communities. All entries will be entered into a prize draw.

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Survey Results

Havebury News Feedback - Spring 2021

We asked you to review the content in Havebury News

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Tenant Engagement Survey - January 2021

We asked you if you wanted to engage with us

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Furlough Survey - December 2020

We asked again how you had been financially affected by Covid

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Furlough Survey - April 2020

We asked how you had been financially affected by Covid

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Communications Survey - October 2020

We asked you to give us feedback on our tenant facing communications

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