It’s our job to keep you safe in your home. Although we are responsible for carrying out most repairs, you’re also responsible for some things. Below, we have tried to answer some of your frequently asked questions. If you have a question that we haven’t covered below, please contact the team.

If you need to report a repair, the quickest way is to log it via myHavebury.

Alternatively, you can contact our Repairs team by calling 0300 3300 900 or emailing 

You can report emergency repairs by calling 0300 3300 900. You can do this any time of the day or night.

  • What repairs are Havebury responsible for?

    For our rented homes, we are responsible for health and safety checks – for example, servicing your gas boilers and central heating systems, electrical wiring and testing, and fitting smoke alarms.

    For both rented and shared owner communal areas, we are responsible for repairs and maintenance works. In some cases, these may be covered by a service charge.

    We’ll also fix repairs that are due to the general wear and tear of materials that we’ve installed, such as:

    • Kitchen units and worktops
    • Wall tiling
    • Sinks, showers, and baths
    • Internal and external doors
    • Electricals such as wiring, sockets, pull cords, light switches
    • External windows and door seals
    • Internal and external walls, ceilings, roofing, and brickwork
    • Gutting, drainage, waste pipes, and water supply
    • Damp and mould – you can find out more about this here
  • What is classed as an emergency repair?

    An emergency repair is something that could affect your health and safety or cause significant damage to your home.

    To fix the immediate problem, we may carry out a temporary repair to make it safe, then return at a later date to fix this problem fully.

    Examples of emergency repairs include:

    • A total loss of electricity
    • Flood or leak
    • Blocked drains
    • Gas leaks

    Reporting an emergency

    To report an emergency, please contact us on 0300 3300 900, any time of the day or night. 

    If you report a repair as an emergency, and when our team attends, they conclude that it’s not, you will be charged a £125 call-out charge.

  • What repairs are my responsibility?

    You are responsible for:

    • Internal decorating
    • Changing lightbulbs (internal and external)
    • Plumbing in your washing machines, dishwashers, and other appliances
    • Toilet seats, toilet roll holders, shower curtains, and plugs/chains to sinks and baths
    • Doorbells
    • Curtain rails
    • Washing lines and posts
    • Any carpet or floor covering that you’ve fitted yourself
    • Timber sheds
    • Outside taps
    • Purchasing additional keys
    • Water butts
    • The maintenance of anything you have fitted/installed yourself
  • What is a rechargeable repair?

    A rechargeable repair is a repair that we’ve carried out, that is not due to general wear and tear. For example:

    • Fixing any deliberate damage, such as radiators ripped off walls or damage to internal doors or kitchen units
    • Unblocking a drain when inappropriate materials have been flushed down the sink or toilet
    • Changing the locks, if you lose your key
    • Clearing your property if it’s left in an unreasonable state when you move out

    Recharge costs

    Below you can see how much we charge for each repair. Please note, we’ll confirm the amount you will need to pay before any work is carried out. Our minimum call-out fee is £125.00*

    Doors and Locks  Cost including materials and fitting
    Gain access £159
    Gain access and change locks £192
    Board up window/door to make safe (per sq m) £26* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew the internal door (one only) £154
    Renew external door £1,174
    Replace any door locks, handles £60* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Gain access and change the lock £82* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Garage lock and handle £139
    Renew garage door £958
    Change light bulb/tube £20* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew double socket outlet £57* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew single socket outlet £30* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew smoke alarm £102* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew ceiling rose (including test) £83* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Electrical faults arising from the use of faulty appliances (price from) £80* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew sink £170
    Renew waste fittings £47* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew bath £433
    Renew toilet £152
    Renew toilet and cistern £288
    Glazed tiles (white 6″x6″) Per sq m £41* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Garden paths, other than those leading to the main doors (per m) £113* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Reglaze glaze per 1.00 sq m £204
    Garden fences Cost to be confirmed following the initial survey
    Unblocking drains (if the cause is misuse) £80* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Unblock toilet, sink, bath, or wash hand basin, including clearing wastes £80* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew bath panel £36* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Clearances of garden/property 
    Clearance of property – MINOR CLEAR £90* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Clearance of property – SMALL CLEAR £303
    Clearance of property – PART CLEAR £404
    Clearance of property – FULL CLEAR £612
    Standard clearance of three or four-bedroom properties (Individual quotes will be obtained if specialist cleaning is required) £900
    Standard clearance of one or two-bedroom properties (Individual quotes will be obtained if specialist cleaning is required) £432
    Renew base unit £169
    Renew wall unit £117
    Renew unit, door, or drawer £81* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew shelf £15* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew plinth £30* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew worktop £148
    Renew sink top £225
    Renew newel post £135
    Renew balustrade (each) £20* (minimum call-out fee applies)
    Renew ranch-style rail per m £44* (minimum call-out fee applies)
  • How long will I have to wait for my repair to be fixed?

    Emergency repair – 24 hours

    This includes loss of electricity/gas, uncontrollable water leak, loss of hot water where there is no alternative, and dangerous structural issues.

    Please note, the total loss of heating will be treated as an emergency repair and responded to within 24 hours between 1 October – 31 March. Outside of these times, it will be responded to within 48 hours.

    Damp and Mould – 10 working days 

    You can find out more about our process to tackle damp and mould concerns here.

    Day-to-day repairs  – within 28 working days

    Our technician will confirm if any follow-on appointment is required after their initial visit.

    Planned repairs – up to 12 months 

    This includes fencing, concreting, and replastering.

  • I have lost my house keys. What do I do?

    If you’ve lost your keys or locked yourself out of your home, we recommend you get in touch with a locksmith to help you regain entry. If you arrange an appointment for our team to do this, it will cost you £159.00. If we then needed to change the locks and provide you with a new set of keys, the cost will go up to £192.00.

  • I am a shared owner, who does my repairs?

    If you’re a shared owner, you will generally be responsible for any repairs. If your home is a new build, you’ll have a 12-month defect or ‘snagging’ period. This means either we or our contractors will fix any snagging issues you have.

    You will also be responsible for all safety checks and servicing.

    We are responsible for any repairs and maintenance works to your communal area. In some cases, this may be covered by your service charge.

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