Havebury Academy for Residents

Havebury Academy for Residents

It is important to us to have residents at the heart of where the decisions are made.

We have some fantastic resident board and committee members, and we want to make sure all resident voices are heard. Members can only sit on a board or committee for a maximum of six years, so we need to ensure we have clear plans for new residents to join us.

We have created an academy to help residents get ready and prepared to apply for positions on our board and Resident Experience Committee. You are not guaranteed a position at the end of this programme, but we’ll work with you to ensure you are as ready as you can be.

During your time in the academy, which could be up to a year, you will get to know Havebury, understand how we’re run and undertake a housing qualification if you wish. We can tailor the training programme to you.

You will receive up to £1,000 a year (paid monthly) plus expenses for things like travel or registered childcare. You will need to allow half a day per month, although this may be more some months than others, particularly if you wish to do a qualification.

You can find out more about our academy here.

Our first academy member, Sarah Morgan, told us why she wanted to join:

“Social housing is so important and I’m personally aware of how quickly life can change and you find yourself in need of a home. It’s important residents have their say and their voices are heard when decisions are made. I’m completely new to this, but am looking forward to learning about
becoming a committee member so I can apply for a future role. I’m really excited to get started”.

How can I apply?

If you are over 18, rent one of our homes or are a shared owner and are interested, you can complete the expression of interest form below, and we’ll contact you.

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