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Monthly Performance reviews

Monthly Performance reviews

We are introducing our monthly performance reviews so that you can see how we are doing on a monthly basis

Monthly performance reviews are very important so that we can be as transparent with you as possible. If you have any feedback you would like to give us on our performance, or you have a complaint or compliment you would like to make please click here.

June 2021 – monthly performance review

There were six new development completions in the month, making additional low cost housing available for local communities.

100% compliance on gas servicing was maintained and all complaints received were responded to in time.

Although almost all emergency repairs were attended within 24 hours, a number remained open past their target date awaiting materials or follow-up work. We are reviewing how these are managed in the system so that the original ‘make-safe’ order is closed with another raised for follow-up works.

June was another positive month for income collection with arrears reducing.

Monthly Performance Review for Junev2

May 2021 – monthly performance review

In May 2021 we saw a significant number of development completions, bringing extra low-cost housing to our communities.

We managed to maintain 100% compliance on gas servicing and we responded to all complaints received on time.

It’s great to see that ASB satisfaction continues to be positive. We are continuing to work hard with those tenants experiencing ASB issues.

Although we were able to attend to almost all emergency repairs within 24 hours, some jobs remained open past their target date. This was due to awaiting materials or follow-up work that was due completion. As a result of this, we are reviewing how our systems manage jobs so that the original ‘make safe’ order is closed allowing an order for follow-up works to be opened.

May was another positive month for income collection with arrears reducing. We want to thank our tenants for working with us to keep themselves out of arrears.

Monthly Performance Review for MAY v3

You can also take a look at our annual performance reviews here.

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