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Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour

We work closely with other agencies such as the police, environmental health and residents’ groups plus town, borough and county councils.

We attend the police’s Safer Neighbourhood Team tasking meetings where anti-social behaviour is discussed and priorities are agreed each month. We are also involved with national organisations such as the Social Landlord’s Crime and Nuisance Group where we can get information about the latest developments and share best practice on dealing with anti-social behaviour. Havebury has also signed up to the Government’s Respect agenda as part of our commitment to tackling anti-social behaviour.

Gathering evidence

A very important tool for us in gathering evidence is for people to use diary sheets to record details of incidents. This gives us a better picture of how people are being affected and are very good evidence if we have to take a case to court.

If you report a problem to us we will send you diary sheets as part of the pack we use to deal with anti-social behaviour.  You can download these forms below.

Download ASB Evidence Form

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Havebury recognises that all its tenants, leaseholders, families and dependants have the right to live without suffering from nuisance, annoyance or harassment in their homes or whilst in the neighbourhood.

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

How to report anti-social behaviour to us

If you are experiencing problems and need help or advice please contact the Tenancy and Estates Team on 0300 900 3300 or tell us about the issues using the form below. Remember, fly-tips, abandoned vehicles and graffiti are all examples of this behaviour. These can be

Serious incidents

For serious incidents where a crime has been committed – for example if you have been assaulted – report this to the police straight away.

Help and support for victims of Anti-Social Behaviour

Being the victim or a witness of anti-social behaviour can have a huge impact on someone’s life.  If you feel that you need to talk to someone about your experiences or seek some support to help you deal with your situation the Suffolk Victim Support can help.  You can contact them directly, or ask the Tenancy and Estates Team to put you in touch.  Victim Support run the Suffolk Hate Crime Partnership.  Have you been the victim of a hate related incident or crime? If so, Victim Support will consequently ensure that you have the best support available.  If you live outside Suffolk follow the links to your area from the Victim Support Website to find local services in your county.

Unsure what you, Havebury, the police or other agencies may be able to do about the anti-social behaviour? Check  ‘ASB Help’ the national charity that helps victims of antisocial behaviour know their rights and who to report to.

Victim Support

Hate Crime Partnership

ASB Help

Reporting anti-social behaviour

Please use this form to report anti-social behaviour. We are collecting and processing your personal data for the purpose of reporting anti-social behaviour. For more information about your rights, go to www.havebury.com/AboutMyData

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