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Mutual Exchange of Accommodation

Mutual Exchange of Accommodation

A mutual exchange is a straight swap between tenants.  Here is a guide to the procedures for a successful exchange, along with your rights as a tenant

Please note the red asterisk denotes a mandatory field. All questions on this form are mandatory.

Havebury may refuse your application to exchange in some circumstances. These could include the following:

  • Your account being in arrears;
  • Unsuitability of accommodation to be exchanged;
  • Underoccupancy of either property
  • You have a rechargeable repairs against your property

What is classed as a rechargeable repair

If the tenant with whom you are swapping is not a Havebury tenant, then their landlord must agree to the exchange taking place and you will need to check whether you will lose any rights, such as the preserved Right to Buy. You can only swap with the tenant of a local authority or another registered social landlord. If you’re ready, check out the House Exchange website, complete the mutual exchange form below, or speak to a member of our Tenancy team on 0300 3300 900.

View our Mutual exchange handbook
View our Mutual exchange timeline
View the House Exchange website
Download the Mutual exchange application form



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