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Mutual exchange

Mutual exchange

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Mutual exchange eligibility 

We want to support tenants to move via mutual exchange, but there are some circumstances where we will not allow a move to take place. We may refuse your exchange application if any of the following grounds are met:

Ground 1

The tenant or proposed assignee is subject to a court order

Ground 2

Possession proceedings have begun for the property of which the tenant or proposed assignee is the tenant, a relevant notice has been served on the tenant or the proposed assignee, a court order or suspended order in place, or an application is pending before court

Ground 3

The home they want to move to is much larger than the household needs

Ground 4

The home they want to move to is too small for their household, and they would be overcrowded

Ground 5

The tenant works for the landlord and their home was provided in connection with their job

Ground 6

The landlord is a charity and the proposed new tenants moving into the property would conflict with the objects of the charity (the home is intended for a certain group of people)

Ground 7

The property has been adapted or has features that make it suitable for disabled person and if the mutual exchange took place there would no longer be such a person living in the property

Ground 8

Is a property owned by a landlord which lets properties to particularly vulnerable people and if the mutual exchange took place there would no longer be such a person living in the property

Ground 9

The property is for people with special needs (supported housing) and if the mutual exchange took place there would no longer be such a person living in the property

Ground 10

There is a management agreement or membership arrangements in place for the property (i.e. the management of communal areas) and the proposed assignee is not prepared to join the management agreement

Ground 11*

Following a review of the household’s financial circumstances and benefits entitlement, the property is deemed to be unaffordable.

Ground 12*

There are rent arrears, debts, court costs or other charges owed to Havebury

Ground 13*

There are restrictions on who can occupy the property, which the incoming household does not meet (for example age restrictions or local lettings plans)

*Grounds 11-13 do not apply to tenants with ‘transfer preserved tenancies’.

How long does the process take?

From the point of receiving all application forms, we have up to 6 weeks to advise you if any of the above grounds are preventing your move.
Our aim is to complete all exchanges within 10 weeks, and we will keep you informed throughout the process if this needs to change.

We will not allow an exchange to complete if the property is in an unsafe and or poor condition. We may require you to complete or pay for works to repair damage, replace missing fittings or return the property to standard condition.

How to find an exchange partner

Register with House Exchange, where you can advertise your home and view available properties free of charge.

Ready to proceed?

Complete the following application form to start the process:

Mutual exchange application form

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