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Mutual exchange

Mutual exchange

Update as at July 2020

We are currently working through a back-log of mutual exchanges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are prioritising the applications in date order, and apologise that we cannot complete the exchanges as quickly as we would like. 

If you have made a mutual exchange application, one of our team will be in touch soon to discuss the next steps. Please note that you can still make an application to start a new mutual exchange, but this may take a little longer than usual.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Mutual exchange eligibility

  • You must have a clear rent account, including garages
  • You must not have any other debts owed to Havebury, for example court costs or repairs
  • No current notice of seeking possession must be in force
  • You must not be subject to ongoing possession proceedings
  • You must not have a court order against you
  • There must be no other outstanding breaches of tenancy
  • Your home and garden must be in a reasonable condition
  • If you have made any alterations to your home, you must have received Havebury’s written permission first. If you did not have permission, you must apply for this before you apply for an exchange
  • The exchange must not result in the overcrowding or under-occupation of the home you wish to move to. We will allow one extra bedroom subject to an affordability check
  • If your property has adaptations and the new tenant does not need the adaptations, you may not be allowed to exchange

How to find an exchange partner

Register with House Exchange, the best way to find your home swap.

Ready to proceed?

Complete the following application form:

Mutual exchange application form

Under normal circumstances, we aim to make a decision on your application within 42 days.

Useful information

Mutual exchange timeline
Property standard guidance
Rechargeable repairs

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