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Useful forms, documents and policies at Havebury

Useful forms, documents and policies at Havebury

The policies and documents on this page directly affect residents or the neighbourhoods they live in.  The documents are reviewed regularly and residents are involved in the review of customer-related documents.

Policies and documents are important because they allow Havebury to:

  • Clearly set out what we can and cannot do
  • Follow legislation and good practice
  • Manage risk

Our current customer-related policies/documents

  1. Bedroom Size
  2. Rent setting and service charges
  3. Equality & Diversity
  4. Income collection and debt recovery
  5. Development
  6. Complaints
  7. Antisocial behaviour
  8. Repairs and maintenance
  9. Aids and adaptations
  10. Garage lettings and allocations
  11. Housing related support
  12. Protection from abuse
  13. Domestic abuse and violence
  14. Protection from abuse (children)
  15. Periodic electrical inspections
  16. Home purchase
  17. Asbestos management
  18. Property improvements and alterations
  19. Allocations and tenancy
  20. Fire Safety Policy 

Our current customer-related important forms

These forms and documents are important for you to use to ensure you get the most out of Havebury Housing Partnership.

  1. Notice to terminate tenancy with end reasons
  2. Mutual exchange application
  3. Notice to terminate tenancy – death of tenant
  4. Permission for alterations
  5. Anti-social behaviour log
  6. RTB1 application form
  7. Supplementary home purchase questionnaire
  8. RTA1 application form
  9. Garage termination form
  10. Resident involvement application form 

Our current customer-related policies/documents

  1. Service charge booklet
  2. Mutual Exchange Handbook
  3. Mutual Exchange timeline
  4. What to do if you are in debt
  5. Ministry of Justice – Risk of losing home
  6. Under occupancy pack
  7. Noise app user guide
  8. Fire Safety in the home (Fire Safety in other languages)
  9. Asbestos in the home
  10. Changes to asbestos management
  11. Tenants Handbook
  12. About shared ownership
  13. Shared owner – Increasing the share
  14. Preserved right to buy
  15. Government guidance about buying your council flat
  16. Your right to buy your home
  17. Home ownership – Summary of cover (insurance)

Our current corporate documents

  1. Corporate Plan 2018 – 2022
  2. E&D action plan
  3. Scrutiny review 
  4. Havebury Housing Partnership Annual report 2018/2019
  5. Value for money statement
  6. Financial statements


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