Help for Households

Help for Households

The UK government has launched the Help for Households campaign. This sets out the support available to people, in one place.

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Find out what financial support or benefits you may be entitled to, as well as information on carers allowances and Help to Save.

Financial support

Find out about the governments energy bill discount, payment schemes and other payments or assistance.

Energy bills

Find out what benefits and financial support you can get for childcare costs, support with food and school meals and holiday activities.

Childcare costs

Find out what’s available to help with household costs such as cheaper broadband and telephone bills, as well as other financial support.

Household costs

For information on help with transport costs.

Transport costs

Find out about help and support in finding work.

Finding work

Find out about other discounts and offers, such as shopping and utility details.

Discounts and offers

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