Fire safety

Fire safety

Fire safety can save your life. Read on for tips on reducing your risk of a fire in the home.

Smoke alarms

These alarms are a vital tool when it comes to fire safety. They detect smoke at the earliest stages of a fire, giving you vital time to escape. You should fit smoke alarms on every level of your home, and remember to test the batteries every week. For those who have a hearing impairment, special fire alarms can be installed. These use a vibrating pad or flashing light instead of an auditory signal.

Useful information

Below is a range of leaflets which provide important fire safety advice in a variety of formats:

For people with sight, hearing or mobility difficulties

Communal fire risk assessments

We carry out fire risk assessments in our communal areas every two years. In addition, we undertake on-site reviews every three months. For supported housing, these assessments are carried out every year, with monthly reviews. If you would like to see the report for where you live, call us on 0300 3300 900, selecting options 2, 3 and 2.

Alternatively, click here for further information about Suffolk’s Fire and Rescue Service.

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