Crime reduction

Crime reduction

We can all do our bit to help reduce crime in our neighbourhoods.

Bin a Blade

If you have a knife you want to dispose of anonymously, you can drop it off at one of Suffolk Police‘s four Bin a Blade sites. These can be found at:

  • Bury St Edmunds: Raingate Street, IP33 2AP
  • Ipswich: Princes Street Fire Station, Princes Street, IP1 1RS
  • Lowestoft: Old Nelson Street, NR32 1PE
  • Mildenhall: Kingsway, IP28 7HS

Distraction burglaries

This type of burglary takes place when criminals use distraction techniques to gain access to people’s homes. The perpetrators may:

  • Say they are from the water board, charity, council or police
  • Ask to use the toilet or telephone
  • Claim to have lost a ball in the garden
  • Offer to do work on the house, such as gardening or building work

Always follow the guidance below from Suffolk Police.

  • Use a door chain
  • Lock your back door before going to the front door
  • Lock doors and windows even if you’re only popping out for a minute
  • Check the identification of people calling to your house
  • Don’t keep large amounts of money at home

If you have any concerns about a caller at your door, call the police on 999. You can also speak to your local community watch liaison officer by calling 01473 613500.

Oil theft

Theft of heating and diesel oil has been a problem for many years, and there is an increase in this type of crime whenever the price of crude oil rises. This makes oil a more attractive proposition for thieves who actively target fuel tanks at farms, transport depots and domestic properties.

Protect your oil tank

  • Screen your tank with fencing or hedges
  • Close and secure any perimeter gating
  • Conceal/cover any external oil pipe work or fuel lines
  • Install dusk to dawn security lighting
  • Install lockable caps supported by closed shackle padlocks
  • Regularly check your fuel levels
  • Consider installing a sensor that is monitored from inside the home
  • Consider installing a tank alarm/security device
  • Join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and stay vigilant
  • Call 999 if you see anything suspicious
  • Note vehicle number plates and descriptions of suspicious persons

For more advice, ring Suffolk Police on 01473 613500 and ask for the Crime Reduction Officer for your area.

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