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Rent Statements

Rent statements arrived on door steps recently and we are subsequently handling a high volume of calls. Please be advised that we will respond to your rent related enquiries as soon as we can.

Setting up your Direct Debt is just a phone call away

Did you know that you can now set up your Direct Debit just by calling 0300 3300 900. For more information, click here.

Spring 2015 Havebury News

The 2015 Spring Edition of the Havebury News is now available to read. To find out more information on Havebury's latest news, click here.

Call monitoring

From Monday 9 March, we will be recording all incoming and outgoing telephone calls to help us to improve our Customer Services. Therefore, please note that any calls to our 0300 3300 900 number may be recorded for training and security purposes.

Neighbourhood Grading Days

The 2015 Neighbourhood Grading Days are starting to take place. To view the latest Neighbourhood Grading reports, click here.


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