Posted on: April 11th 2024   •    Posted in: General News

Your rights as a resident

We have created a page that sets out key information you need to know about your rights as a resident and our responsibilities as your landlord.

In addition, later in the spring, we’ll be launching our new customer service standards. These are our commitment to you that we’ll always deliver great customer service and put you first. They will set out what you can expect from us, including response timescales, regardless of the team you contact.

Accessing our services

You can contact us via phone, email, social media or our app, myHavebury. You’ll find all our team’s contact details here.

You can also arrange for us to visit you at your home, or you can meet with us at our office in Bury St Edmunds. All you need to do is contact the team you want to meet with and they’ll arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.

We want to ensure you can access our services, and where we can, we remove barriers from preventing you to do this. This could mean that we carry out repairs quicker, because you have a medical condition or we need to wait longer when we visit you, because it takes you a bit of time to answer the front door. It could also be that you need all communications in large print, or a different language.

Please let us know if your circumstances change, so we can ensure our services are tailored to you. You can do this by contacting our Communications team by calling 0300 3300 900, entering extension number 7314 when prompted, or emailing

You can find out more about our services, our responsibilities and how we are regulated here.

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