Community Investment Grant applications

Community Investment Grant applications

You are at the heart of all the decisions we make as a business, and we want you to be able to engage with us and influence our services as much, or as little as you want.

It’s really important to us that we invest in our local communities. Did you know in 2022-23, £51,956.80 of grant funding was awarded to various community investment projects? This year, we want you to help us decide where this funding is spent.

When we receive a community investment grant (CIG) application, we want you to tell us whether you think we should support the local project or not.


  • Haverhill Library's new public facilities

    Haverhill Library is a local hub aiming to strengthen the community by improving well-being, inspiring reading, and promoting lifelong learning. The library also has clubs for the elderly, mental health support, children’s crafts, and a Lego club. In the first two quarters of the last financial year, Haverhill Library had over 6,000 attendees to its groups, the highest figure in the country. This is a vital resource in the community.

    Amount applied for: £5,000

    What will they use the money for? Haverhill Library would like to build a ground-floor disabled access toilet. Currently, the library has no facilities for public use, and this new toilet would support the many groups held in the library for children, after-school clubs, wordplay sessions, and tutorial sessions as well as other groups who use the library.

    Do you think we should support this project?

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