Customer Service Consultation

Customer Service Consultation

We’re in the process of consulting on what our new customer service standards should be. Put simply, this is what you can expect from us, when you contact us.

We know this is important – and we also know we have work to do around improving our communications, and this includes being clear about what you can expect when you contact us and how we’ll keep you informed.

Some of our standards are a given. For example, when we visit you in your home, we will always have branded photo identification so you know it’s us, and we’ll always have a range of options for you to contact us in the way you choose.

But we want to dig more into what you expect from us when you get in touch, which is where your input is essential.

Take our survey

By answering the questions within the survey below, you can help us ensure our customer service meets your needs and expectations.

You’ll be entered into a prize draw, with the first prize being £250 of Love2Shop high street vouchers, the second prize of £100 in vouchers, and ten lots of £50 in vouchers.

If you’d like to be entered into this draw, please remember to complete your contact details at the end of the survey.

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