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Meet our shared owner Emma

In May 2023, Emma moved into her new shared ownership home in Hethersett, Norfolk.

After four years of renting in Norfolk, Emma was determined to provide stability for her family, especially her 13-year-old twin boys. She discovered shared ownership, and it gave her the opportunity to own a home of her own.

Emma explains: “I had heard about shared ownership, so I researched whether it would be suitable for me”.

Emma started saving up for her deposit:

“I knew what I needed to get, so it was just working hard and saving as much as I could until I reached that amount”.

Once she had her deposit, she started looking at locations. She needed somewhere close enough to her work and her son’s school.

“I had been looking for a shared ownership home for around 18 months in total. I was pipped to the post on quite a few – I felt like I was never going to get anywhere”.

In August 2022, she viewed a two-bed home around the corner from her current home but had concerns that it may be too small for her family.

“I didn’t think I could afford anything bigger”.

As fate would have it, a three-bed house was coming to the market. Emma was advised it would be around a six-month wait, but after passing all the affordability checks, she was prepared to wait.

“Everything did kind of fall into place for me. Havebury were amazing in helping me find my dream home, something I never thought possible four years ago”.

Emma’s journey has inspired her to dream even bigger, with plans to buy more shares in her home.

“It’s enabled me to start building towards the future, which I didn’t think would be possible. I never thought I could own my own home and have security above mine and my children’s heads”.

Emma advised those considering shared ownership: “Go for it! I can’t see any negative, and I’m so grateful I did it”.

Are you interested in finding out more about shared ownership? Visit our shared ownership page.

In 2022 – 2023 we completed 87 homes for shared ownership in Haverhill, Badwell Ash and Bury St Edmunds. You can find out more in our Annual Report.




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