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We’ve signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant!

We're pleased to share that we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

The Armed Forced Covenant is a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

This demonstrates our commitment to supporting the Armed Forces Community. We are proud to recognise the contribution that Service personnel, both regular and reservist, veterans, and military families make to our organisation, our community, and the country.

We’ll work hard to uphold the key principles of the Covenant, which are:

  • Members of the Armed Forces Community should not face disadvantages arising from their service in the provision of public and commercial services.
  • In some circumstances, special provision may be justified, especially for those who have given the most, such as the injured or bereaved.

We’ll also:

  • Promote the Armed Forces
  • Support members of the Armed Forces Community through our people policies
  • Engage, communicate and support outreach programmes that are linked to the Armed Forces
  • Support residents who are part of the Armed Forces Community through signposting and linking to external agencies

Our assistant director of people and organisational development, Matt Price‍, is a veteran, and he says, “We, like many other organisations, have signed the Armed Forces Covenant. This covenant is a national promise from the UK to treat those who serve or have served in the armed forces, as well as their families, fairly and equitably. By signing the covenant, We demonstrate our commitment to supporting the armed forces community. The aim is to ensure that veterans, serving personnel, and their families receive the respect and support they deserve. The covenant emphasises equal access to services and products, bridging any gaps that might otherwise disadvantage members of the armed forces community.”

A member of our team, Connor, is a member of the Army Reserve, and he says, “As an employer, they’ve been incredibly supportive of my second career in the Army Reserve. For any Reservist, this level of support from their employer can truly make a difference.

During my first week, I had the conversation that most reservists dread: informing their new management of their reserve service. Immediately, my line manager asked how she and the wider organisation could support me and if any changes or additional support could be arranged.

This support has taken various forms, including flexible working arrangements, additional leave for training, and broader support from both management and colleagues. These measures have not only facilitated my personal and professional development but have also enabled me to better support my regular counterparts in the Armed Forces.

By signing the covenant, Havebury underscores its commitment to the Armed Forces community, as both an employer and a landlord dedicated to supporting those who serve our country.”

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