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The Homes for Ukraine scheme – Suffolk hosts

Our guidance for those wanting to help Ukrainian refugees.

Suffolk County Council are asking for new hosts for Ukrainian guests. They are in need of a wide range of homes for single people, mothers with children and complete families. With a particular need for new hosts in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Lowestoft, Haverhill and Bury St Edmunds and for homes able to take large families of 5 or more people.

Homes for Ukraine

The Homes for Ukraine scheme enables people living in the UK to host Ukrainian individuals or families for six months. People who provide accommodation through the scheme will be offered a thank-you payment of £350 per month.

If you are a tenant or a shared owner of ours and have the space, you can apply to be part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme. All we ask is that you let us know that you are applying – you can do this by emailing

  • You cannot fully sub-let your home, so if you don’t have space, this won’t be an option for you.
  • Once you have expressed your interest, we will check that your home is suitable for hosting a family and that it won’t cause overcrowding.
  • You will be unable to charge rent, and guests won’t be able to claim housing benefit.
  • The government has confirmed that the £350 payment will not be treated as income and should not affect any benefit entitlements. If this information changes, we will update this webpage, and we ask that you please do your own research before signing up for the scheme.

Click here to view the Government’s FAQ document in relation to The Homes for Ukraine scheme.

You can also learn more on the Suffolk County Council’s dedicated webpage here.


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