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Estate inspections 2024

We want you to enjoy living in a community that is safe, secure, and well-maintained. These are some of the reasons we carry out estate inspections in our neighbourhoods.

Estate inspections are carried out by an estate ranger, a neighbourhood housing officer, and other members of our team, and we’d also like you to be a part of these. During these inspections, we will work with you to identify any issues your community may be having, for example, fly-tips, anti-social behaviour or grounds maintenance issues. We will then agree on an action plan and timeframe to resolve these.

Your input and feedback about where you live is really important, so please get involved if you can.

Why complete an estate inspection?

When we are completing estate inspections, we look out for the following:

• outstanding repairs to communal areas
• poorly maintained gardens and boundaries
• vehicle nuisance, including abandoned vehicles on communal land and obstructions
• poor performance of grounds maintenance contractors
• vandalism and graffiti
• work required to trees on communal land
• the condition of garage areas, allotments and some play areas
• the existence of pest infestations on communal land
• the cleanliness and condition of bin stores and refuse collection points

Where do we complete estate inspections?

We look at our data, including anti-social behaviour cases, fly tips and grounds maintenance complaints, to identify which estates we will include in our programme of inspections. If you’d like us to consider your community, please get in touch with us via:

Email –

Call – 0300 3300 900 entering extension number 7333 when prompted.

When are the estate inspections?

We make sure you’re given the date and time well in advance so you can take part in your local inspection. We publish these on our website, and if you live in the area, we’ll contact you directly via email and SMS text in the weeks leading up to the inspection.

If you can’t attend these, you can still let us know if there’s something you want us to focus on by sending an email to or calling the Neighbourhood and Estates team on 0300 3300 900 and enter extension number 7333 when prompted.

Our 2024 programme

Below is a full timetable for our estate inspections in 2024 and each inspection will be 10 am – 1 pm, except for the Howard Estate inspection on 25 April. This will be between 2 pm and 4 pm.


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