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Meet our resident Liz

Liz moved into her new home in Haverhill in August 2023.

Liz lived on the Chalkstone Estate in Haverhill over 30 years ago while she studied at Cambridge University. She then moved away from the town but moved back due to a change in circumstances.

“I needed additional help due to my medical issues. This, combined with unfortunate circumstances with a home I owned, I decided to return to Haverhill”.

She gets a lot of support from her son and his wife, which was another key reason for her moving back into the area.

Before moving into her current home, she lived in a house run by another social housing provider. Due to her mobility issues, she was finding her old home unfit for purpose.

Moving around the house and using both the front and back doorways was becoming increasingly difficult.

“It was becoming impossible for me to get in and out. There was a massive step to get out the back, and there was nowhere to put grab rails. It was a real issue for me and meant I was
miserable living in that house”.

“This home is definitely more accessible for me. There are some teething troubles with it being a new house, but the Repairs team at Havebury have been brilliant”.

Speaking about the local community, she says:

“It’s lovely. I have had many people say ‘hello’, and my next-door neighbour is nice and always offers help if needed”.

Liz has a wonderful support network and is keen to be socially active.

“I like taking part in quizzes and going to concerts. We have been a couple of times to see The Drifters, so I do get out and about. I couldn’t do it without my friends”.

Liz joked that she never wanted to move again and said,

“I will definitely be happy here for the foreseeable future”.

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