Ground maintenance team - blog post
Posted on: March 6th 2024   •    Posted in: Community, Tenants

Meet our new team

We’re delivering our ground maintenance service in-house!

Last year, we made the decision to deliver our grounds maintenance services ourselves. This was for a number of reasons – you told us you preferred our in-house teams carrying out works and services, and we also wanted to have better control over the quality of this key service.

Last month, we launched our new team, who are now out and about in your communities. Our operations manager, Mark Leeds, has built a great team, who are excited to get out and learn more about you and where you live. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the transition from our previous contractor to our new team runs smoothly, and we look forward to improving this service as we go through the year.

We will be bringing you more details on our teams in Havebury News but for now we would like you to meet our new team!

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