Meet Danielle - blog post
Posted on: January 23rd 2023   •    Posted in: Tenants

Meet Danielle

In March 2022, Danielle, her husband, and their three daughters moved into their new home in Chettisham, Ely.

Before this, Danielle was based in Soham and had lived in the same privately rented house for 12 years.

In August 2021, her landlord decided to sell the house, which meant she had to find somewhere for her family to live.

She signed up to Home-Link, the choice-based letting site for East Cambridgeshire, to try and bid on a suitable home.

Danielle explains,

“It was an emotional rollercoaster as I didn’t know where we would end up living. We just needed a place to call home”.

Before applying for her home, Danielle had not heard about Havebury, and she says her first impressions were very positive.

At the beginning of March 2022, she was invited to view a new property at Orchid Fields.

Her priority was not to disrupt her daughters too much during the move. The increase in fuel prices meant it was more cost-effective for them to move schools. She says she “encouraged the girls to see change as a positive”.

Over the last seven months, the family have really settled into their new home.

“Being here has changed how I live,” Danielle says, “I would never have had people over in my old house, but now we have the neighbours over for curry nights. The community we have built here is amazing.”

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