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Posted on: December 27th 2023   •    Posted in: General News

A morning in the life of a technician

Darren Byham is a multi-skilled technician in our Responsive Repairs team. Let’s take a look at his typical morning routine.

“My day starts at our office in Bury St Edmunds, where I get my van ready, ensuring I am equipped for the day ahead.

In this role, flexibility is key, as no two jobs are the same, so I must have tools and parts for different repair jobs. My scheduler releases the jobs for the day to me first thing in the morning so I can quickly glance over where I am and what jobs need to be completed. I also take special notice of any specific requests, such as before midday or avoiding the school run times, to ensure I fit my day around these requirements.

My days vary; some days, I have a full day of inspections, where a resident has reported an issue, and I go and find out more about the job. If it’s an issue I can fix there and then I will do it. This saves the resident the inconvenience of a follow-up appointment.

Before each appointment, I notify the resident that I am on my way. If they don’t answer, I will still head to their home.

When I get to a resident’s home, I will look to understand the reported repair fully. I will then explain my planned solution and log the details on our system. In the case of an inspection, if I can perform the repair there and then, I often have what I need in my van, but when I don’t, I will explain this to the residents and let them know the next steps. After I have completed the repair, I will inform the resident what I have done and make sure they are happy, and I will update our system, which will close off the job, If I have used parts from the van, I will make a note to replenish the stock at the next opportunity. I am then off to the next repair or inspection”.


“What I love about my role is its unpredictability and the immense job satisfaction it brings. I am dedicated to assisting residents in their homes, including looking at any other repairs they may have to see if I can help”.





You can find out more about our technician’s commitments to you here.

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